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Alleged Sources of the Incarnation, part 1.

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

This is an extended brainstorming session. Inputs are welcome. Thank you in advance. I decided to formalize my initial Deity of Jesus investigation conducted back in 2011 or so. I noticed that the online "sources" for incarnation are incomplete, presupposed, and...false altogether. The ASSUMPTION by 99% of Christianity order to be CHRISTIAN, you must believe Jesus was God, born of a woman, taking on flesh, and...em...another soul, character, mind and will too. Gee whiz, the THINGS so irrational and unreasonable if you think about it. Jesus being God HIMSELF is totally ALIEN to Jewish roots and Jewish consciousness.

In order to start out, I will first cover the New Testament text. First, there are only two places in Text, I consider possible hints toward the Incarnation, those two places being...the Prologue and a VARIANT version of 1 Tim 3:16. Since I don't believe that either instance IS actually speaking about the so-called Incarnation, there are no other places which could be speaking of this. And I am not including the Philippians 2 text either.

What confuses us in my view is...that some verses may be speaking of the "W(w)ord becoming flesh," or "Jesus becoming born, or manifest or self-made" depending upon how you read these. But...the INCARNATION? Where in the WORLD did this heady concept and mutilation COME FROM after all? And...why do we consider every instance depicting Jesus coming into the GOD coming into the world? Did he not speak of his Father and God, as a separate being altogether? As such, are there not consistently two Gods in view, for both the OnePent and Trinitarian?

This is my mission, to find out. I have accepted it, and will relate how the adventure goes. What might be productive is figuring out exactly the difference between...God becoming a man, and...the Messiah coming into the world.

So then...initial claim: Only two places can be had in Text for the so-called Incarnation of Jesus. Agree? Disagree? These, mind you, are POSSIBLE places. I see no OTHER ones.

Note: This is a historical survey and consideration. From a GREENHORN NEWBY. So, don't expect a SCHOLAR'S report here. OR a mystical or philosophical polemic. Only common sense, as it is. However, I see the Text itself as suited for just such an one.

Common sense asks the right questions. So that right or not? Are the ONLY TWO PLACES in NT, which could INTIMATE the so-called Incarnation, be possibly...the Prologue of John, and Paul's 1 Tim 3:16 verse? IF SO is it that the OTHER NT authors...neglected to mention, Jesus is GOD come to earth among men, LITERALLY? And...what about the ABSOLUTELY monotheistic-type verses which THESE two authors did render? Are these authors then, not contradicting themselves...on a SUPER DUPER important subject?

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